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Scrap Writing of a Young Male

Consider everything on this page to be a rough draft

5/29/08 05:50 am

As far as I gotCollapse )

1/1/08 04:30 pm - Scratch pad

::Combine "Cruel Summer" and "We re" into one story.
-Characters: Drew Cook-Valentino, Andy Cook. Tommy Sen, Jeremy Dominguez. Melissa Valentino, Farah Cook? Will Dunlap?
First Section--Flight---Andy hits Trueno. Drew hits Andy. Jeremy calls Drew's conscience, and forces the other boy to let Andy stay longer than one night.
Second Section--Fight---From Andy, Jeremy pieces together the Cook-Valentino saga. Drew, letter in hand, tells the rest.
Third Section--Response---Will arrives, well and truly upsetting the apple cart. Everyone is forced to question each other's motives. Tommy calls Melissa up, who call Farah, and they arrive in Trueno to collect Andy. It is revealed Andy did not, in fact, commit any crime. His parent's are divorcing, and both are having cat fights over Andy and the other two boys.

12/2/07 11:21 am - I may have a title now

I will finish this thing. No new books until I do. I know I just need to get past this tangle, and I'm good.

"Lovers Really Fall In Love to Stay"<--Not as good as the one I came up with before, but since I can't remember what it was, this will have to do.

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11/13/07 09:20 am

This had been burning for a couple days now. I didn't realize it was poetry that was trying to get out.

One-two StepCollapse )

It's been bothering me for some time, as I said. It was a feeling in my gut that I usually associate with writing Jeremy. When I actually formed that thought, I remembered what part of my personality Jeremy had been Athenaed from, and sat down to write the poem. The feeling died out pretty quickly once I started.

11/12/07 10:03 pm - Freewrite before the fall

I'm going to try to work on the story while at my parent's, but for now, I just need to write something.

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10/29/07 09:38 pm - Next bit for winter

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10/25/07 01:10 am - No sleep, no sleep, lalalalala...la

Damn Espresso. Damn Barista. I specifically ordered decaf. Oh well.

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10/6/07 06:00 pm - Odd thoughts

I'm having a Harry Potter craving, I suppose.

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It is kind of sad that the first story I managed to write in quite some time is a fan-fic. But hey, it's a story. Lucy, do you dare me to submit it?

9/26/07 09:40 pm - Wish I could have been there...

Queue up the John Anderson. We're hitting the lonely roads of my adolescence.

Shaking his head at Satar...Collapse )

9/22/07 08:07 pm - I blame Lucy

She gave me an idea on my other blog. Now I have to run with it.

Dearly Beloved...Collapse )
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